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The Inefficiency Assassin   Simple Division Garment Organizers   SpaceScaping Kitchen Organizing System
The Inefficiency
Simple Division®
Garment Organizers
Kitchen Organizing
Less Stress for Teachers   Road Map to Get Organized   How Teachers Can Conquer Chaos
"Less Stress for
Teachers" Book
"ROAD MAP to Get
Organized" Book
"How Teachers Can
Conquer Chaos"
Workbook and Webinar

Our primary focus is not to sell products. Instead, our goal is to help you solve your organizational challenges and create a more peaceful environment and lifestyle for you. We are highly skilled at repurposing existing products, storage pieces, and furniture in your home, but we will gladly recommend products that are appropriate for your project.

Should we find it beneficial to your situation, these are our organizing products that we would recommend to you:

"How Teachers Can Conquer Chaos" Workbook and Webinar

How Teachers Can Conquer Chaos Are you bogged down by email?
Are you swamped with paper?
Is it hard to find things on your desk or in your classroom?
Do you wish you had more time in the day?
Implement Helene Segura's T.E.A.C.H. Approach™ to take back control of your school day. Purchase this workbook and one-hour webinar recording for a teacher you love. This is also a great "thank you" gift for your child's teacher.

Simple Division® Garment Organizers

Sort, put away, and find clothes easily

Organize your clothing like a pro! LivingOrder has been using this product for years in every closet we organize—and we liked it so much we acquired it! Our clients love how this product helps them stay organized and gain full visibility to their wardrobes. We have improved the product by providing labels in both English and Spanish, and we have included our best tips and our handy closet maintenance calendar to show you how to keep your closet organized throughout the year.

  • Simple Division Garment Organizers - Closet OrganizationFind things quickly
  • Make better wardrobe purchases & choices
  • Enable anyone to put your clothes away
  • Organize closets and laundry rooms
  • Manage hand-me-downs
  • Manage baby and toddler sizes

Download our Microsoft Word template
to create your own labels

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SpaceScaping® Kitchen Organizing System

SpaceScaping Kitchen Organizing System"I have boxes and boxes of kitchen stuff—where do I start??"

This is our own product that Lorie invented from organizing kitchens during our many move-in jobs with clients over the years. The system consists of 60 repositionable labels with tips and instructions on how to set up your kitchen right the first time!

There are more than 50 categories of things to put away when organizing a kitchen—where do you put them that makes the most sense? This system allows you to easily plan the best cabinets and drawers to place your items BEFORE you put them away and have to move them when you change your mind!

And even better—after you've organized your new streamlined kitchen, you can leave the labels on temporarily, say for a week, so that you and your family can quickly find things and get accustomed to the new arrangement.

  • Perfect for moving into a new house!
  • Invented and used by our own team
  • Save time planning before you place items in cabinets
  • Find things quickly after organizing by leaving labels on temporarily
  • Repositionable adhesive is safe for cabinet finishes

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"Thank you for your hard work and for keeping me organized!"

Jake Garbarino

"I didn't get really excited until I met with Helene yesterday for an initial consultation. We went through each room and for each of my specific frustrations she was able to offer really helpful solutions, some of which made me slap my head and say “Why didn't I think of that!” That was what was so great; the solutions were simple and easy to implement but ingenious as well!"

Noelle Argabright