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Who We Are


LivingOrder is a premier team of professional organizers founded in Austin, Texas, providing hands-on organizing services and corporate productivity seminars to the Austin and San Antonio metro areas.

The team leaders and owners of LivingOrder® are proud to carry the prestigious Certified Professional Organizer®(CPO®) designation. Founder Lorie Marrero and LivingOrder Austin owner Yvette Clay were among the first Professional Organizers in the nation to earn this status, and LivingOrder San Antonio owner Helene Segura followed soon after.

The team leaders and owners of LivingOrder® are equally proud to bear the seal of NAPO’s Golden Circle. The National Association of Professional Organizers bestows Golden Circle membership upon NAPO members who have worked as a professional organizer for five or more years.

Founder Lorie Marrero started organizing in the year 2000, with a passion for helping people achieve visible results and reduced stress. For nearly 20 years, Lorie was a leader in the organizing profession who developed cutting-edge products, methodologies, and business models. She trained owners Yvette Clay and Helene Segura, who in turn have continued to develop methodologies and have trained their teams to provide consistent, quality service to our clients. Read more about our owners, Yvette Clay and Helene Segura.

We have provided personal organizing services to varied clientele, such as homemakers, business owners, executives, celebrities, educators, and politicians.

We have organized very diverse spaces and environments, from normal closets and kitchens to executive offices, laboratories, hospitals, and backstage tour cases. We are happy to provide references upon request. Find out how we can help you!

How We Are Different


We are national leaders in the organizing industry. We are innovators, pioneering the world’s first team of “virtual” Professional Organizers with our online service, The Clutter Diet, which operated from 2006 – 2017. We have actively developed our own unique methods, systems, products, and teaching materials, and we’ve demonstrated leadership positions in our national association, NAPO. Because of our breadth of skills and our experience working with a diverse clientele in different situations, we are better able to provide effective and creative problem-solving. Click here to read our individual profiles.

We use a comprehensive approach that addresses more than just your clutter. Our experience has shown us that problems do not exist in isolation – paper problems most often relate to time management, for example. We pride ourselves in asking the right questions to get a comprehensive view of your particular situation and solve the interrelated problems together. Whether we’re setting up a filing system or organizing your closets, we look at the whole picture.

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