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Organizing & Productivity Solutions for Your Business

Does 30 minutes really make a big difference?

You bet!

How would you like to turn losing $3,200 into savings
plus increased revenue?

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Consider this scenario:

Let’s say your revenue is $50,000 per year.
Assuming unpaid vacation of 3 weeks per year, that leaves 49 work weeks per year.
At 40 hours per week, that adds up to 1,960 work hours per year.
Your average hourly pay would then equal $26 per hour.
Studies show that the average worker spends over 30 minutes per day looking for something in or around the desk and/or in files.
That’s 123 hours or 3 work weeks per year wasted.
Or—in monetary terms—$3,200 per year spent on looking for “stuff.”

How much more profitable could you be if you spent that time making money?

How much better would you feel if you were in control of your day?

If you’d rather that figure be how much you saved instead of how much you lost to wasted time, allow me to teach you how to increase efficiency and productivity — and therefore profitability — for your business.

Kick chaos to the curb!

Helene Segura,
M.A. Ed., CPO®
CEO of LivingOrderSA