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Who are our clients?


We coach women who are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start to make things better.

You have the weight of the world on your shoulders. You try to be successful at being everything to everyone, and it’s stressing you out.


You’re frustrated because you never have enough time to finish everything on your list.


You’re in a constant frenzy — running around from here to there, go-go-going all day long — yet you don’t feel that progress is made.

Our clients:

Are stuck and seeking solutions.


Have grown weary of trying cookie cutter solutions that don’t work for them.


Desire a functioning household with systems and routines in place.


Seek peace of mind and want their home to be a sanctuary.


Want empowerment and are ready to regain control of their lives.


Would rather invest their money in solutions than waste it on buying duplicates or paying late fees.


Want to work with someone who will not judge them and will keep everything confidential.


Know our background and expertise and are excited about us sharing that with them. (Well, you might be a little anxious and nervous at first, but we’ll get you excited!)


Wish all of these changes could happen overnight, but realize that it takes time to develop life-changing habits.


Will do what it takes to improve their lives.

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Magdalena McCall
Home Organizing Consultant