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These links are for products or services that we often find ourselves suggesting as options. We wish to emphasize that these featured companies are not contractors or subsidiaries of LivingOrder; they are separate entities and are solely responsible for the results of their own services or products. If you have any questions or issues with these services or products, you will need to call the respective company directly to resolve them.

GoodwillLivingOrder® is a proud supporter of Goodwill Industries. Goodwill’s mission is to “help change lives through the power of work.” They serve people with mental and physical disabilities, those who have experienced a life crisis like divorce or the death of a spouse, at-risk populations, summer youth programs, and so much more. Goodwill gets the funding for this by selling your donations in their stores. Donating one chair can give someone 46 minutes of job training. Click here to calculate what your donations can do for the San Antonio and Austin communities. Eighty-four percent of money raised goes directly toward “supporting and growing critical community-based programs and services.” This is one of the highest rates for any non-profit. Find your nearest Donation Station in San Antonio or AustinClick here to find out how you can help spread the word about the good deeds of Goodwill.

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Rubbish Works

If you have a large project, consider hiring Rubbish Works to haul away everything. They drop off all usable items at Goodwill first in order to help support Goodwill’s community initiatives. Their next stop is recycling centers. Their last stop is the landfill. They’re helpful and environmentally conscious! They’re currently in San Antonio and will soon be expanding into Austin.

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