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Workshops For Schools

Certified Professional Organizer® Helene Segura offers staff development workshops that will give teachers the skills they need to be productive and effective during every school day.

Here’s an open letter to all Principals, Academic Coordinators, Assistant Principals for Instruction and anyone else in charge of deciding which speakers to book for staff development days…

Dear Administrator:

If you’re like most administrators I know, you’re about to briefly skim this letter because you don’t have a lot of time in your day. I understand that, so allow me to get straight to the point

I am on a mission to lower teacher stress levels, as well as the teacher dropout rate. Would you like to be a part of the solution?

How can you improve teacher productivity, which in turn will increase test scores?

How can you raise teacher morale and increase the retention rate?

How can you help ease “the overwhelm” for teachers in your school?

It’s quite simple:

Make sure they each have a copy of my book, Less Stress for Teachers: More Time & An Organized Classroom.



Bring my workshop to your campus.
Less Stress for Teachers: The T.E.A.C.H. Approach™ will give teachers the tools they need to:

  • Control the five key areas of every school day
  • Create time where previously thought impossible
  • Set up a classroom in the most efficient way
  • Manage email, paperwork, lesson plans
  • Lower stress levels

I understand what teachers are going through. Before earning my Certified Professional Organizer® credential and being named to the international Board of Certification for Professional Organizers, I began my adult life as an idealistic, fresh-out-of-college classroom teacher. I spent over a decade teaching at a Title I school that was on 100% free breakfast and lunch programs. My passion for helping my students and creating quality lessons nearly succumbed to the stress and pressure I felt behind the scenes. My book and workshops demonstrate the systems and mindset that I developed in order to survive and thrive as a teacher.

I want to help your faculty and staff do more with less — and still be happy.

Do you?

Contact me to find out how.


Helene Segura,
M.A. Ed., CPO®
CEO of LivingOrderSA