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LivingOrder® Testimonials

“I happened to catch a show on the new Oprah network, about a professional organizer. I understood his process based on my recent experiences, but I did not like the way he treated his clients. He was demanding and insistent, making them cry. I am glad I worked with you, Helene—you kept me moving and motivated without making me feel stupid or incompetent. I think you ought to have your own show so that people can see how a professional can get things done in a warm, supportive manner that enables people to make hard decisions while retaining their dignity.”
—Kathy Collins

“What a pleasure it was to have you as our WCR speaker, Helene!! I was not the only person exclaiming that you were one of the best speakers we’ve ever had!! You were not only helpful, but a true delight. Thanks so much again! All the Best!”
—Suzette Keller
Trinity Title

“When a 7-year-old son says ‘wow, this is great’ – you know things are good! It was great coming home to what you did and he really did say ‘this is great’ … it cracked me up. The chores list came out of a family talk last night about getting more organized and my daughter did that chart. Glad you liked it. Thank you so much!!!”
—Cathy B.

“Thank you for the BIG HUG virtually this morning, and the actual hug yesterday. Both meant a lot to me. It’s been a hard, hard time, watching virtually all of my adult life being loaded into a truck and carted off. But you steadied me through it all, and helped me look at things differently. Because of this, I believe I will be able to move forward with a much lighter load, both literally and metaphorically. I don’t know how to thank you adequately—what you did for me is not measurable by boxes or truck loads. I can only know in my heart how you have helped me deal with an enormous challenge—one I know I could not have met alone. You brought both professionalism and human caring to this project. That can’t be measured, either, but I will never, ever forget the difference you made.

I enjoyed working with you. Oddly, I will miss our little “get togethers”, despite the heat, the endless boxes, the tough decisions. If ever you need a testimonial, I’ll be glad to oblige. People need to know about you and what you can do for them. There is a huge need for your services out there. I wish I’d found you five or ten years ago! You are a pro and I hope many, many people find their way to you for help in dealing with their own challenges. Best wishes to you.”
—Kathy Collins

“Dear Yvette, organizing my office has made a tremendous difference in my life! Since you left and I got organized, my office is neat and conducive to productivity.

Today I cut a half moon shape to block the blinding sunlight from the top of my Palladian window and THAT makes a huge difference. You are the one who pointed out that it would be a huge distracter for you. I had no idea it was such a problem…until it wasn’t.

My productivity has included: writing a grant for some research I plan to do, writing a paper on a topic I’m passionate about, and preparing a presentation on said topic. Also, for what seems like the first time in forever, I feel caught up and on top of my workload!

Thank you so much for your help.

You are worth your weight in gold!”
—Happy Client

“After the well-worth-the-price visit from Helene, it seems much easier to attack and conquer the various areas in my life that aren’t working, from messy closets to actually sitting down with my husband and working on a budget (something I have put off for years).”
—Della Plagens

“Living Order has been an integral part of my household routine – from blue prints to the present. Yvette’s sensibility, professionalism, and energy have been a Godsend. She has brought realistic order to a household with 2 adults, 3 kids and lots of animals. Her ability to see how systems work, what works for a family and her can do attitude are motivating. I feel that her skills have made my home easier to clean, less chaotic, and more beautiful. Yvette brings a skill that makes home life much smoother.”
—L. Wieland

“I just wanted to tell you that my family and I are SO impressed with Helene. In such a short time she has made major progress on my Mother’s house which provides her with the hope and confidence that things are getting better! My Mother just loves Helene’s very caring approach to this huge task and even told me today that she enjoys it more than she thought she would. Helene’s attention has far surpassed my expectations and I am more excited than ever to continue the progress on my Mother’s house. You can bet that I will refer your service to anyone I come in contact with! I can’t thank you enough!”
—Beth Stephens

“We certainly enjoyed the session, Helene. Reading specialists continue to tell me how much they learned from it, and what projects they’ve accomplished.”
—Candace E. Anderson
Instructional Specialist, Northside ISD

“The LivingOrder newsletter is one of the very best things in my inbox, time after time. You consistently get it just right; it’s always a quick, informative, worthwhile read.”
—Geralin Thomas, CPO-CD
Owner of Metropolitan Organizing and Lead Organizer on A&E’s Hoarder

“You have profoundly contributed to my quality of life. As I shared with you, I have struggled with material clutter for my entire life. Over the last 10 years, I have been working simultaneously to change my behavior of hoarding AND sorting through a seemingly endless fortress of boxes. You and I finished going through the LAST box. There are NO more boxes lurking in my life anymore. The challenge, of course, will be in maintaining this.

You and I have a plan in place whereby we will touch base over the next 12 months to assist me in creating a habit of living with and creating organization. I am so proud and pleased with our work. Like a dog on a bone, I am committed to making this difficult change in how I live. With you as a partner, I know I will be successful.

I can’t thank you enough. I am so grateful not only for your profession, but also for who you are as an individual. You bring knowledge, professionalism, and experience coupled with humor, perspective, and understanding. Your countenance assuaged my shame and judgment of my clutter situation.

Thanks again for all your help and the excellent results.”
—Kathryn Z.

“I so appreciate what you do. You’re a treasure. It’s so wonderful to have someone joyful in what they do.”
—Jeff Anderson
Author and Consultant

“Thanks, Helene!!! It was awesome to get here this morning to an organized desk! Thanks a billion for your help!!!”
—Kinya Cano

“It was a pleasure meeting with you. I really liked the way you listened to me and did not make me feel inferior about my messes. I also liked the way you listened and encouraged me to make changes that “fit” my personality instead of trying to “rewire” me and make me fit into the magazine picture I dream about. You are good at what you do. Thanks again for the resources page.”
—H. Von Dohlen

“Thank you again for all of your help and suggestions. I can’t believe the difference! Last night I did my homework. It was really tempting to skip it, but this morning I could actually walk into my office to do some work and that was an awesome feeling!”
—Iris G.

“I didn’t get really excited until I met with Helene yesterday for an initial consultation. We went through each room and for each of my specific frustrations she was able to offer really helpful solutions, some of which made me slap my head and say “Why didn’t I think of that!” That was what was so great; the solutions were simple and easy to implement but ingenious as well!”
—Noelle Argabright

“For the woman who changed my life for the better?! Of course I will tell everyone about you!”
—Kim Chica

“I have accomplished more with the few hours that I worked with LivingOrder than I have in years of reading ‘How to Get Organized’ articles.”
—Laura Burt, CPA

“Thank you for all your help these past few months! I feel like I have more control over the house and hope to continue my good progress.”
—Dottie West

“Thanks so much for the pictures! I thought you would want to know that I dropped all the donations off at Goodwill on Wednesday. It felt so good and the basement looks AWESOME! Your help was invaluable!”
—Teal Moran