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Children: Bedrooms, Playrooms & Study Areas

Do you walk into your child’s bedroom and immediately want to turn around because you can’t stand the sight of it?

Do your children have problems organizing their school supplies and assignments?

Do you have toys multiplying all over your house?


Just like adults, children need a soothing and restful space of their own. We can organize your child’s bedroom and eliminate those piles of clothing, books, mementos, and toys that create havoc in your daily life. By bringing order to their bedrooms, your children will have a space in which to be both creative and comfortable.


Playrooms are meant for playing. If they don’t have the space to play and can’t find the toys they need, then what fun is that? We’ll organize your kids’ books, toys, and crafts – plus we’ll help you create new systems and routines to keep the playroom organized.

Study Areas

It’s important that your children have an area in your house that is organized just for studying and learning, whether they are home-schooled or attend school outside the home. Let us create a grand home school room or cozy study nook that will provide the opportunity for your children to excel in their studies.

With everyone’s busy schedules, you might think it’s impossible to keep everything organized for your children and your household. But it is possible with LivingOrder at your side. We can help you with your children’s organization. We determine your needs and organize your children’s bedroom, playroom and study area accordingly. Each kid-friendly organizing project is personalized for your lifestyle. We teach you how to understand your core issues causing disorganization and thereby prevent it in the future.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you get your children organized.

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