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Computer & Data Organizing

Do you wish your computer could be like an organized filing cabinet where you can find the files that you need in just a couple of seconds?

Would you like to get a better handle on your digital photo management?

We can help you get your computer and data organized!

E-mail, electronic documents, and websites make our lives easier, but just like everything else, they can become clutter too. Here is how we can help:

  • De-clutter your desktop and get rid of unnecessary icons
  • Organize your folders and favorites so they make sense and you can find your documents easily
  • Recommend software tools that boost efficiency for retrieval of documents and e-mails and other common functions
  • Teach you time-saving e-mail management techniques and strategies (for Outlook)
  • Teach you the twelve most important keyboard shortcuts every Windows user should know
  • Teach you valuable tricks and shortcuts

Computer management involves many issues, not just the data itself. It’s often tightly linked to time management and paper management as well. We use our 15-point assessment to create your Personal Productivity Plan and approach this problem comprehensively. We make sure your documents are accounted for in the process, and your calendar and task list are set up to support you in managing your projects.

LivingOrder’s Certified Professional Organizers® and Professional Organizers will help you with your data and computer organization. We determine your needs and organize your data and computer accordingly. Each data organizing and computer organizing project is personalized for your workstyle and lifestyle. We teach you how to understand your core issues causing disorganization and thereby prevent it in the future. We provide visible and lasting results with easy-to-maintain systems.

Contact us to get your computer organized!

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