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Corporate Efficiency and Productivity Consulting

Imagine your company completely efficient and running full speed on all cylinders throughout the entire workday, thereby increasing your profit.

In the business world, inefficiency in the office will bring your productivity to a grinding halt. The mishandling of papers, files, e-mails, and supplies can lower revenue, drive up costs, and ruin the company’s bottom line and reputation.

How would you like to save $2,830 or more per employee per year? Through both our group and individual efficiency seminars, we can show you how.

Consider this scenario:

  • Let’s say the average salary for employees in your company is $45,000 per year.
  • Assuming unpaid vacation of 3 weeks per year, that leaves 49 work weeks per year.
  • At 40 hours per week, that adds up to 1,960 work hours per year.
  • The average hourly pay for employees would then equal $23 per hour.
  • Studies show that the average white collar worker wastes over 30 minutes per day looking for something in or around the desk and/or in files.
  • That’s 123 hours per year wasted, or—in monetary terms—$2,830 per year per employee spent on looking for “stuff.”
  • How many employees do you have? 10? That’s $28,290 per year wasted. 50? That’s $141,500 wasted.

If you’d rather that figure be how much you saved instead of how much you lost to wasted time, contact us about developing a tailor-made workshop program that will increase corporate efficiency, productivity, and profitability for your business.

Corporate Efficiency and Productivity Consulting

Work with a Certified Professional Organizer® in order to save time and increase revenue. This can be done through one or more of these options:

  • Coaching for Executive or Employee + Assistant
  • Workshop for staff
  • Individualized Coaching or Workshops on:
    • Information Management — Paper or Digital
    • Key Productivity Tools
    • Creating and Maintaining an Organized and Productive Space

LivingOrder Austin owner Yvette Clay and LivingOrder San Antonio owner Helene Segura were personally trained by internationally-renowned productivity expert Barbara Hemphill through her Productive Environment Institute. They have collaborated with her on the implementation of productivity programs and systems.

Get organized. Save time. Get more done.SM

What is an efficient and productive office? It’s an organized office with streamlined systems and an environment that encourages not only thinking outside the box, but also completely rethinking the box. Highly profitable companies strive for a lean office through continuous improvement or kaizen in order to simplify systems, eliminate waste, and cut costs. Time is money. Learn how to maximize time and increase profits through a combination of group and individual business coaching sessions.

Contact us about developing a tailor-made workshop or coaching program.

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